Online Services

Kalehm LLC offers a wide variety of services focused on meeting the needs and expectations of our clients. Our online services adapt to digital marketing trends that help businesses grow and evolve within different platforms.

We invite you to explore each of the offerings.

Web Pages

With the increase in the digital world and the need to diversify our businesses, Kalehm LLC offers you a wide variety of options to create your website and be able to compete with those companies that already exist on digital platforms.

Web Apps

Kalehm LLC will turn your current business into a digital platform with hundreds of different modules that will greatly enhance your services. From virtual stores, shift systems, schedules for appointments and even custom applications. Everything you need to keep your business growing.

Online Backups

We have partnered with Carbonite, one of the leading companies in the online backup of data, to offer you the best online storage service. Not only that, Carbonite is HIPAA certified to give you greater security and peace of mind that your data will be protected, always!

Ads Maintenance

We will help you maximize the online presence of your business through different advertising promotion channels, existing on the leading platforms in the digital market such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, among others.


Communication through emails has become an essential tool for managing information and reaching customers. At kalehm LLC we personalize your email address using the domain of your choice to identify your business and create a more professional appearance. In this way, the recipient will be better able to get acquainted with the name of your business.

Social Media

Currently the management of social networks is vital for the growth and exposure of businesses. We offer to keep your business information up to date on social networks through publications, “giveaways” and redirection of messages in order to increase your followers.

Printed Marketing

We know that print marketing is also necessary for companies. That’s why Kalehm LLC has partnered with one of the largest distributed printers in America to bring you the best prices and highest quality.


With a technological world changing every day we need to be up to date so that our businesses are not affected, but, if you don’t know what benefits you or not, you could be making mistakes that fall into possible losses for the business. Kalehm LLC, will help you make the best decisions so that your pocket does not suffer.

PC Maintenance

A timely maintenance helps your equipment work in optimal conditions and reduce possible expenses in equipment replacement. We have been providing maintenance services for over 20 years which have managed to minimize losses or possible problems to our clients.

On Site Backups

We understand that the word online can sometimes sound new or weird to some customers who have been relying on local services for a long time. That is why we also provide our data backup services locally. You as a customer will have an external hard drive assigned to you only which will be kept in a protected safe.

Repair Services

There is no technological situation that has no solution. That is why our technicians are certified in everything related to the digital and technological world. That way you can be sure that you will have a fast, safe and reliable service.

Mobile Application

The increase in mobile devices has forced many companies to move into these areas by creating multiple applications that help their businesses continue to grow in this digital wave. We will help you to also be part of that growth by creating applications that compete with the current ones and increase your profits.

PC Application

On many occasions we find that there are applications for practically everything. But, we hit a wall when we want it to do something beyond what was programmed. We have the experience and knowledge to create custom applications to solve perhaps those faults that other applications have.

On Site Services

With us you will have covered all your digital operation in your business with services from maintenance of computers, printers and even security camera systems. Our experience of more than 20 years in the world of computers gives you the peace of mind of being sure that your systems will be up and running with little or no interruption.