Kalehm LLC was born from a dream that its founder, Victor L. Torres, had at the age of fifteen, which goes back to Ancient Egypt representing the right hand of the Pharaoh who called him by the name of our company: Kalehm.

His passion for this culture fused with his interest in the world of computing, inspired him to want to contribute his knowledge to help small and medium businesses have digital platforms that help them boost their growth.



Provide services within the field of information technology at affordable prices so that small and medium businesses have applications and web pages that help them obtain greater reach from their clients and commercial growth.


Our vision is to expand to the island level and later to the American and international markets in order to fulfill our long-awaited dream of becoming a multinational corporation.


Our Family

Victor L. Torres Rubio

Tatiana J. Vega

Aurelis Santiago
Executive Assistant

Diana Buitrago
Graphic Designer

Cristian Perez

Diego Candelaria